Which vehicle did he look at?


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Last week I had to have a garage door repairman out. In the garage I have our 1986 GN and next to it is a 1972 Chevy C/10 SWB pick up. Both good condition vehicles. The garage door guy is maybe mid 40s age, I'm guessing.
Question, which one did he show interest in? I was surprised
Id say the c10 because trucks are hot to trot right now , but i will say my GN gets more attention then any car ive owned, someone always had one or cousins neighbor had one. or is it for sale? until you tell them the price..
The C10 pickup, I was surprised he didn't want to talk about the GN.
Every RESTO-Show on television is doing LS-Swapped C10's now.
Some are doing multiple! (Gets boring to me!)

Not many of the younger crowd even know what a GN is, let alone appreciate it! (Is that an SS Monte Carlo?) LOL
My family, especially my 23 year old son, have been around my GN enough to respect the Buick Turbo cars!
- Jerry