Who has 255/60/15's on stock T-TYPE RIMS? do they fit/look fine?


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Nov 24, 2001
Local turbo regal buddy has a 87 Turbo T with stock t-type rims,and is getting some tires put on his car next week-

im sure the 255/60s will fit, which are the ones he is wanting to get for the car, but do they look Bulgie?

as in too thin of a rim compared to the tire?

my dad has the 245/60 on the stock t rims on his WE4, and it looks great, just wondering what the added meat of the 255's looks like on a stock reeeeum?


I'm running 275/50/15 Drag Radials on stock T rims for rear, no problemo what so ever. That's the maximum you can fit on those stock rims IMO, and 215/65/15 front looks really good. ;)
Do you mean 255/60's all around? They will rub in front.

245/60 is the biggest I'd go in front. I have 255/50ZR16's on the front of my Grand Prix, but I have stiff springs and the grand prix wheel openings are a little bigger.
this aint no 4x4!:eek:
who in their right mind would want 255's up front?LOL- i guess i should have put down for the rear rims, but i thought it was obvious :)

im pretty sure he is going with the 215's up front, should make it look fine-

thanks for the replies...

Bryan, go take a look at my dads Limited sometime this week. He got new tires a few weeks ago........235/60 up front and 255/60 out back. Looks great.

PS-Marks on the way down to the house to help me install the powerstroke, you should stop by! Layta
ill try to stop by sometime this week, or tomorrow...

couldnt stop by today, i was at the dyno all day with the diesel trucks...

i left right after i posted
Hey what up Neil? This is Deron, Yeah i am looking on putting 255/60/r15 on my Buick. If I have time this week I will come out and look at your dad's car and see how they look. If they look good I will put them on my car sometime this week. I only have to go to school two days this week, so I should get it done.

P.S. Ohh yeah, I am putting 215s on the front.
I used to have 255/60/15 BFGs on the rear with 235s on the front. My brothers seemed to think that they looked a little "bulgie" and tall (like a 28" tire). 50's may be a better choice if your worried about them looking kind of big. If you can fit some 275/50s in the back that sounds pretty cool......wider is better ;) . I still have these wheels/tires. I put them on a non running TR that Ive got sitting, so I see them all the time. I wound up changing to 16" GTA wheels on the car in the sig.
Im off Monday Deron, get my number from Bryan and give me a call. You can look at my dads Limited and see if you like it. Later
I am running on the street 255x60x15 (rear) and 235x60x15 (front) on my T-Type stock rims and they look and work great.

I have run 275x60x15 on the rear, no problem but they are large for the width of the rim.

Just a note, I have tried some different tires, but right now I am using some Firestone tires that in spite of a 500 wear rating are real soft. The 255 Firestone rears have more traction than the 275 BFG TA's. The Durometer reading of the Firestone tires is 10 points lower than the BFG's tested side by side. They are not much harder than my BFG DR's.

The 255 (r) and 235 (f) is a good balance for these cars.

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I run the 255/60/15 BFG T/A radials on stock T rims on the rear. No rubbing and they look good. They are a 27" tire.

I'm running 295/50/15 rear and 215/65/15 front with no problems on stock T wheels. Click below to see a picture