Who has a dyno within 100 or so miles of Henderson N.C?


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Jan 27, 2006
I'm looking for a Dyno to chart bolt on performance parts as well as single v/s dual pattern camshaft profiles. Do they charge by the pull or by the hour?? any info would be great help.
Turbo Tune

Turbo Tune in greensboro has a dyno jet. call and talk to Mark Riley. he has been messing with TR's for a long time.

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Hoyle auto sales has a dyno also, I think he will go buy the hour or per pull you will have to ask him. This is a dyno-jet dyno and is in Taylorsville,NC. His phone number is 828 632-9689. Hope this helps!!
Richard Clark in burlington NC has a new mustang dyno. he's finishing up a new shop where they are putting it in the ground. I'm going to try and set up a dyno day out at his shop one weekend after the shop is completed for all those wanting to dyno their car. More to come once its finished.