Why is my A$$ end kicking out?



I wasn't sure where to look in the archives regarding the suspension science that would eliminate this from happening.
At a stop when I ease out then punch it, the ass end of the car always slides out to the left. I have a positraction rear end with new BFG G-Force KDWs. I have air bags, but have not installed them yet. The current suspension is stock.
Can someone explain to me what causes this to happen and what I can do to eliminate the problem? Thanks in advance.
An airbag would definately help. Know what else would help? Drag radials. My GN doesn't need 'em yet, but my LS1 makes so much power it's downright dangerous on normal radials. Hitting 2nd gear, even granny shifting it, with regular radials on that car results in fishtailing across 2 lanes. :D Totally out of control. Now with Nitto drag radials on 20 psi, it hooks up a thousand times better. I can actually hit 2nd hard. And can launch popping the clutch.

So my vote is drag radials. Your car is fishtailing because it has a lot of power.

You can also spend $2k on a GNX rear suspension from Kirban's. :D
Thanks Berman, I hear what your saying. Traction would definately help, but I would like to know if there is something in the geometry that I can adjust or change to allow me to use my daily driving radials without as much fishtailing. New lower control arms (billet or boxed), airbags, upper control arm upgrade, larger anti-sway bar? Do these factor in as far as fishtailing is concerned? Like I mentioned earlier, it always swings out to the left.
upper, lower control arms...airbags..and new springs should cure that problem...at least i hope...or i will feel like i just waisted quite a few bucks in my latest purchase
Under acceleration, load is transferred to the ds rear tire and the front passenger tire. This makes the front of the car want to turn right.

Simply adding springs or boxed arms will not counteract this tendency unless the passenger side spring is stiffer to put more load on that wheel/tire. Air bags with more pressure in the passenger side will help, or a stiffer spring on that side. Front end is just the opposite..the engine rotation will lift the left front and plant the right front. A larger rear sway bar also helps.
Thanks Steve. That is exactly the info I was looking for.
Hmmm....for some reason my Corvette always kicks out to the right when I "smokum"...
Hey Rob, get that "old bag" outta the front seat and put her to work for ya! :D :D
Originally posted by Jeff
Hmmm....for some reason my Corvette always kicks out to the right when I "smokum"...

Maybe you have one of those reverse rotation engines? :D
Dammit 2Quik6, You know Nakita is not the prob!!!
She will bite your b@lls for saying that!! ;)
Love ya dude.
kick out to left

I remedied it with lower contol arms Square tube with polyurethane bushes and hotchkis upper to lower control arm braces. When the torque is applied ti flexes the rear frame assy,
The braces hold it in place.

Thanks Rod