Why no handicap-style allowed??

Thanks anyway, but I did start a thread on their website forum in the middle of March. Tell me what you think.

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I'll bump it for you there. I looked through some of the old "Build Sheets" I had close at hand. Only thing I have close is from 2006 when they were still in Salem. I'd be glad to scan it and e-mail it to you. Even though it's 2 years old, it might give you some lead in to what 2008 might be.
Donnie, Trust me I feel your pain!!! I was truly looking forward to seeing your car and meeting you!!! Maybe later Mike:rolleyes:
Yeah. I got tired of checking the site some time ago. Very strange. It's like being on the 'Black Hole' spaceship over there.

Yes, I got the email. Thanks again. Why couldn't they have had someone like you organizing things.

BlownV6. I'm sorry I won't be making it. I do plan on meeting you some day. Later.
I attend the "Buick Performance Weekend" event held at Englishtown, NJ every year on Labor Day weekend and the classes are like explained above. All the "b" classes are handicap racing depending on how fast your car is, but I don't remember if it goes all the way to "b5" though...The last class, "q-16" is heads up for those "big guys". I prefer this way of setting up the classes far more than how they're doing it at BG. If you car can't make the "quick 16", then you run "B1"...if still not fast enough go to "B2", and so on. Everyone can race, fast or not.
Another thing that bothers me is the fact that you have to be a member to participate at BG...Again, WHY?...At Englishtown, everyone is welcomed, no membership needed. Having to become a member makes me feel that I'm not welcomed there unless I give them more money...It's funny how money can change a person's status...:rolleyes: I also makes me feel like if they don't really want me there unless I pay the membership fee, and then, they'll do me a favor and let me run...It seems that they're only interested in the "big guys" which I am not. :rolleyes: I don't like having to spend to become a member on top of the registration fee, especially when I am the one spending to build my car, race it anf give the show for the track's promoter who's not even thankful for my efforts. after all, if it wasn't for the racers, there wouldn't be an event!:mad:


Hi Claude, I just wanted to correct a couple of things for you. Buick Performance Weekend at Englishtown has two Bracket classes geared for the "little guy" and at different times we (The Northeast GS/GN Club) have tried it in B1/B2 style, based on an ET cutoff, and other times we've divided the cars into a V-8 class and a V-6 class. Quick-16 is and has always been a bracket class, and I should know, I've been racing in it and assisting in organizing it at the Englishtown event for almost twenty years. There was a heads-up class at the event years ago that consisted of Turbo Buicks vs. Mustangs, but that class had nothing to do with our Quick-16. The other thing I wanted to mention is that the GS Nats dropped the requirement that you be a member to race. I don't know if this is the first or second year of that policy change, but it's changed regardless. Anyway, I hope to see you out there, at one event or another.
Bracket Racing

I live 25 minutes from Commerce Drag strip (Ga.) I honestly feel if it were not for bracket racing the track could not survive. I also find it boring.