Why would I have gotten a code 42 after a fuel adjustment?


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Jan 10, 2007
I've adjusted my turbo tweak chip many a times. Just a few days ago I reset it on the #1 parameter (fuel at WOT) from 132 back to 128. Once done I shut off the ignition and then back on again/started the engine. This was the only setting I messed with.

Immediately I noticed the engine idle rpms were not as high as usual and the check engine light on. The scanmaster revealed a code 42. I shut the engine off, waited a few seconds and restarted. This time it started normally.

Not sure if this was related to changing the chip settings for fuel...but a code 42 i believe has to do with the EST circuit?
Old thread but my car acts the same. I've gotten a code 42 four times now but ONLY after changing a setting in my TT chip...
My car runs great. I don't need the reference. I know what the code is but my car runs awesome and only sets the code after adjusting my chip. It never comes back if I don't adjust the chip, so I just reset the ecu and it's fine for as long as I leave the chip alone.