Will It Go Faster


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
My best time was a 15.33 running very hot with no wheels spun. I found that my injectors were bad reading 200s on my o2s,my fin in the turbo were lose and blowing a little oil in the turbo,i also had 140,000 + miles on my valve springs and some cracks in my headers. I was told i can go good 12s or 13s with my set up ,can i really drop from 15.33 to 12 or 13 sec. This is a list of my old and new modes.

old mods 15.33 @90mph
cone filter
307 pump hotwired
adj reg
tps tec [gone now]
caspers chip[gone now]
posi rear
20psi boost on stock broke turbo

new mods
sperco intercooler
40lb injectors
LT1valve springs
ported stock headers
87 ecm
JOE L- 93 and 110 chips
always run 110 cam2

thanks for any help you can give me
With just the Spearco intercooler and K&N, nothing else I went 13.9 @101mph at only 13psi boost. When the turbo starts leaking oil the car detonates real easily so you shouldn't run it hard until you get a new one. Your 02 might be going out because I doubt the car would even run with 200mv at WOT. With just the intercooler and fuel system you should see high 12s at 20psi boost.

What was your 60' and mph?
My 60' was 2.3 it had a lot of lag for a stock turbo, i forgot i have a ta-33 with ported elbow it should be on next week.I dont wont to do all this work and have it run 14-15 sec.I also had a motor mount bolt fall out before i raced it ,iam glad it was not the drivers side.It would be great to go 12's but its hard to belive after running that 15.33 @ 90 mph
I forgot when i got home from racing it the o2s were about 300s slowly down to 200s with a bad backfire when at half gas, o2s at idle were 50s then droped to 20s but died out when it got to low.
The 02s are supposed to jump around at idle from around 800 to 200. You have an exhaust leak, right? That will make it run really bad and cause some serious tuning problems. I think you should get the exhaust leak fixed and the low 02 problem should go away. You will never get the car in tune with a leak. I tried for a year before I figured it out. The lag should go away too. Was that run with the IC installed?

The bigger turbo should really wake it up, you will be able to run a little more boost until the car slows down not to mention it won't be leaking oil into the intake. Your 60' times are as bad as mine. It took me 110mph just to run a 12.9. you should be able to get it down even on street tires. Did the lag cause it to bog?
hey if i come up can we try your 33 turbo and intercooler on my turtle??:D
nah sounds like 2 much work how about jus the turbo i think i could really show you a 12 second pass then..
wake up ReD you been on here tooooooo long...zzzzzzshhhhuuzzzzz
85ttype going down soon for 87 motor/trans swap so far hot air motor been 13:09@103.7 on stock 85 comp.and stock chip,stock turbo ported housings,self modded intake,home ported heads,stock valves not even had a valve job at 183,*** on the clock,stock fuel pump not hotwired,stock injectors,stock headers port matched,and all the lil cheap tricks,elec.fan,k+n,etc....

UPDATE CAR WENT A 13:11 @ 104.9 WITH A LOUSY 2.017 60FT...

well went to the track again got a new et but with less 60 ft 13:08 @104.5 ON MY 16 INCH GOODYEARS WITH A 1.92 60 ft..still awaiting 12's next time to track going on my buddy's hoosiers and gonna give it hell out the gate on my radials im comming out at 0 vacuum 0 boost to not spin
Hey Red I think your car wants to stay a Hot-Air...Good Times...
Prolly jealous of that I/C motor. Good Luck! :)

Kevin you have alot of potential there!
The car did have a bad ex leak lots of cracks in the headers ,i did not have the intercooler hooked up when i ran the 15.33@ 90mph but i did put it on after that it did not make any more power that i can tell. It would not spool off the line for about three sec. this is why i hope that it runs alot better with the new parts ,its hard to belive that this car could run 12-13sec because it was so slow before. On the track i could not beat my 2000 grand am best time was 14.96 @93mph but i could eat it up on the street i dont know probly just going crazy. By the way with all the parts i have i would be real happy with that 13.08@104 that is great,hope my car runs as good as yours. thanks guys

new ported headers on the way to fix that ex leak