Will this FP gauge work as a rail mounted?

It looks to me like it would fit. If you want to be certain give summit tech support a call. They are usually very good.

Good luck, Mike
Note that this gauge only goes to 60psi.. Good for adjusting base fuel pressure, but if you're running alot of boost, it will not go high enough (incase you wanted to run a braided line and mount it under a wiper for tuning purposes.)..

That's pretty cheap...

What I'd really like to know though, is where to get an adapter so I could screw my pressure gauge w/hose on and check it. Anybody have any idea what threads or adapter will fit?

I have a freon fill hose that'll screw on it and depress the valve and everthing, but on the other end it's still the same thread size I think, which won't mate with my pressure hose.

I know I've seen the T fitting for a gauge on some site for sale w/o the gauge, I would think you could get one of those and use it with that one.