Winter Project


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Jan 11, 2002
Looks nice! Bench seat? How's it run?

I don't think you really get winters in Tennessee though :tongue:
This car appears to be almost completely original so I think that I will keep it that way. It will need some cosmetic work. The previous owner is an older gentleman that I have known for quite a few years. He had decided that he needed to sell the car but I think he wanted it to go to a good home. I am grateful that he trusted me to take care of this car. I have always wanted to have a car that me and my kids could work on but there is not much left that I want to do with my GN.

Yes, it is a bench seat car. Are these rare? Does anyone know where to find production numbers that may list cars with bench seats? It is a 1986 T-Type with the black-out package.
Car was not running when I bought it. Previous owner said it was running good then just died. He did some trouble-shooting and found that there was no spark. Fellow board member MeanBuicks suggested that it was probably just a crank sensor. (I actually had a crank sensor failure on my '87 GN while driving it in 1989. It was covered under warranty.) I purchased a crank sensor from Caspers while at the GS Nationals this year even before committing to buy the car. Sure enough, the new crank sensor corrected the no spark problem and the car started right up. It runs great!IMG_4334.jpg
Looks like a clean car and a great start to your project! Your kids are lucky to have such a cool dad!!