WTB: 2.5" ATR or 3" downpipe

Sorry dont have either for sale, but the 2.5 from ATR is only 129.00, not too bad, I could tell a huge difference when I put mine on, and then even a bigger difference when I went to the Mease 3 in. Good luck

I believe the price of ATR's 2.5in downpipe went up.....as did their up pipes too. Like $20 or so more for each. Nick
Mease 3" DP

Exactly, how hard is it to install the Mease 3" DP on our hot airs? Uppipe is pretty much straight foward, but how long would it take? Are an special tools needed?
The mease DP is easier to install due to its 2 piece design, No special tool are needed, but the band clamp may take a little to get it to seal properly.

The ATR dp, was a pain in the butt, I had to take the motor mounts out, and scoot the motor over a little to get it to fit.
yeah i have a 2.5" dp on order from ATR and it is 140 something. However they don't have any in stock right now, and said it could be up to a month to just get the pipe...I am not sure what the problem is in acquiring 2.5 SS - -it isn't that hard to come by. So anyway i was hoping to find a used 2.5 or 3 from someone on the board here.

I didnt have to fool with the motor mounts at all. Just took the AC compressor off and the passenger side header. And then wiggle the damn thing in there...............either way it is a pain. But, by the looks of my stock downpipe it was a great improvement.

Do you have to fool with the AC compressor or passenger header or the motor mounts to get the Mease pipe in??