xr2 vs xr3 roller?


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I've narrowed it down between these two cams. I prefer more exhaust duration than intake. So what are every bodies experiences with these two cams. I am leaning to the 210/215 xr2. The combo is my 87 GN below, but with a girdle and the roller setup. How are the street manners? I don't want to lose any streetability and like my mid range power. Any times or numbers from either of these cams? Is vacuum for vacuum brakes a problem for the xr3? I think I'll be happy with either but just wanted some opinions. Ive done searches, but the search function sucks now:(
They are both from fullthrottle

xr2:210/215 .516/.516 110 L/S
Hot street, Most popular unit good manners and power 3000+stall

xr3: 215/220 .516/.529 112 L/S
Max effort street/strip unit big power, needs 3500+ stall
XR2 - :tongue:

BUT .............
I would LOVE to see the cam spec card on BOTH these cams! :cool:
Maybe FTS can assist. :wink:
I've got the XR3 on a 231, with a 70 p trim and I love it so far can't wait to get rid of my 3000 stall AC and go with a 3500 PTC so it's a little better down low but it pulls like a freight train up top.

i am running the 210-215 roller and love it very good street manners and runs good in my car at track.best of both worlds