Yellowing white paint? help


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I just bought a 88 regal which is white, the problem is that the paint is yellowing real bad. Is there any good product out there to return it back to white. Paint is original from the factory and in awesome shape but the white color is looking very yellow. Weird part about this is i have had many older white cars before and usuallly the plastic pieces are the ones that yellow. Any help would be great. Thanks
My nissan had a black tint to it (from not washing) over the years. So I actually took engine degreaser that we had at work to it. It made the car look brand new,then put a coat of polish on it. It didnt stay on for to long, I just used a rag to clean the outside and rinsed it off fairly quick. IF you do this, test it on an unnoticable spot first.
Try some polish/compound in a small section of the car and see if it takes away some of the yellowing. It might just be oxidation for the car never being cleaned or waxed.
I tried some light duty compound which did nothing. Someone said to try chrome polish, tried that too. In a small spot i tried an abrasive brillo which did rub the yellow color away but really thined the paint. It is the weirdest thing i have ever seen happen to paint. All the plastic i.e bumper pieces are still bright white:confused: Not sure if somehow the factory clear went bad? Usually its the plastic pieces that yellow on white cars. I thought maybe it wasn't factory paint and someone missed on the right color white, but it is original paint. I even pulled off the factory advertising sticker from where they bought the car from in 1988, and its bright white under them too. This really has me stumped, i wonder if a good wet sand by a professional would bring back its color. I would hate to paint the whole car because the paint is really exceptional on this car except for the discoloration.
I had a white '84 TA and accidentally sprayed westley's bleach white on the finish while doing the tires.Would'nt you know it it made a noticable 'clean"spot on it,so for s**ts and giggles did the whole car with it. The sheen on it made your eyes hurt in the sunlight!!Do what drifter says though and do a small section and rinse it off followed by a good slathering of wax.
On your SS I first used grease and wax remover, and then followed up with some compound, 3M's Perfect It II I think? Use a wal-mart buffer with the original paint... if you notice the pass. fender is bright white while the roof and hood are a little off-white. whomever matched the paint matched it to the aged color on the car. Good Luck... check your pm's...