Yet another Scanmaster #'s whaddaya think thread.


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Mar 26, 2006
These number were at idle after a 15mi 55mph trip. I'm running Eric's chip with 60lb Mototrons. I have a persistent ticking that I hear coming from the drivers side (I think) but other than that all seems ok. I'm runnng 17lbs boost with no knock. Did the spring cleaning and just finished a brake job.

Whaddaya think of the readings?

Thanks a bunch.

o2 = 816-820
AF = 07
L8 = 50
BAT = 13.2
INT = 128
bL = 115
ATS = 124
r = 755-875
tps = .44
IAC = 27
cc = 49

everything looks pretty good. the MAF is alittle high for idle, but unless the car is running bad and stalling then it should be fine. the BLM is alittle low but it looks like it was hot under the hood and my car goes down a few points when it is hot.

the ticking noise could be a cracked header possibly, between the #3 an #5 header tubes where they are welded. if thats fine next would be to check to see if the bolts are loose holding the header to the cylinder head. ive had both happen to me! the exhaust leaks to me sound like a lifter tick, but don not be fooled!
Everything looks o.k. except your idle seems erratic. Should be ~800rpm give or take a few. If the car is idling at times as high as 875rpm, then a MAF reading of 07 would be about right.

Agree with johnnyttype on possible sources for ticking noise.
Ticking noise

Thanks for the advice. I listened around the bay for the source of the ticking. and it seems to be loudest when I checked here (see pic).


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alright, now u gotta pin point the noise if u havent already. in ur picture r u pointing at the tube as being loudest or the area around it? i would use a piece of heater hose or stethescope to listen around that exhaust port, welds on tube where the header tube meets the log, and the downpipe area. use a mirror if u have one to check the bottom areas of the header for cracks.
The metal you see in the pic is the end of the stethescope I used to listen around the bay. I hear the ticking noise the clearest when I touch it to that port.

oh i see, exactly how loud is this ticking? can u describe it more, does it get louder or go away with higher rpms? metallic sound or does it buzz/puff some? is it loud if u put ur stethescope on the valve cover? if it sounds mechanical the next thing may be to remove that valve cover to check for ur noise.
If you jack the car up in the front on either side and remove the front wheel, you can get a good look at the headers to check for cracks. My 20 year old motor has a couple of mysterious ticks that I can't pinpoint too but I said, "F**k it" a long time ago and just drive the piss out of it.
yea my car made a few ticking noises before i built the engine and the only thing i found was the timing chain tensioners plastic shoe broke off and was sitting in the oil pan! timing chain was in great shape though!