1/4 mile rpm and shift points....is this good??


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May 25, 2001
Are these what you would expect for a beefed up stock torque converter and newly rebuilt trans?
2nd gear goes to 4000 rpm at 43 mph, shifts to 3rd
rpm drops to 3725 at 58 mph
3rd gear goes to 4625 rpm at 91 mph, shifts to 4th
rpm drops to 3875 at 97 mph

Keep in mind this is a playback from Turbolink so the update is pretty slow. The 1/4 mile time was 13.4 at 103 mph.

Should shift 4800-5200 rpm with a stock brf governor and valvebody. You may have the wrong VB gov combo in yours.
turbolink data is almost useless with the frame updates almost 1.4 seconds apart
just looking at your first data point you have a skip in the data of 15 mph in just the 2-3 shifting

and it also shows 2-3 happens at 4000 while while 3-4 happens at 4625 , those shift points should be the same and they probably are and could even be happening higher than that but your data rate is useless

if you want a cheap logger look around for a directscan at 18 frames per second you wont be guessing , or better but at 250 go with the powerlogger
On Power Logger mine shifts at 4975-5000 out of 2nd & 3rd. Without that tool you can never be sure with its 20x a second updates. Well spent $250 for tuning.
Still like the Scanmaster for daily driving & its faster with PL chip added.
Just so I am understanding correctly, should both 2-3 and 3-4 shifts occur at the same rpm at WOT?
And if they don't what could the problem be? When I rebuilt the trans and the only thing I did to the gov was to pin the spring with a setscrew per Bruce at PTS. I do know I have the stock BRF gov and valve body.
And if the rpm of the shift points is lower than it should be?

I either have a problem with the trans or its shifting where it should and my log data is accurate. Thanks for the help.

The shifts will be in the same general ballpark,not excatly the same. I would break down and get a powerlogger.
Where do I get the powerlogger? What does it take to install? Do I need a special chip for that?

When I rebuilt the trans and the only thing I did to the gov was to pin the spring with a setscrew per Bruce at PTS.

There's your problem
You added weight to the small governor---you lowered shift points. You need to remove like amount of weight.