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May 25, 2001
i have no need for this block so i am putting it up for sale..all machine work was done by K&P Machine in Augusta Ga. the block has all four billet caps..bored 10 thousands..square decked...cam bearings and freeze plugs installe and.arp main studs..this block is ready for a rotating assembly..not wanting to ship but will meet someone part of the way or you can pick up..i am in Thomson Ga. 30824 $1400 thanks Bob


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more pics


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Hey guys, this is a super deal, the four caps alone is 800.00. If I didn't have this same setup at Richard Clarks I would be all over this. Damn good deal
No doubt, guy needs a bump for that deal.

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Ta se heads....champion intake...stainless ta 4 bolt headers...aluminum stock gn wheels...the ones gbody parts sell....I am also into LS stuff ..I really want cash but need this stuff to get my car back running..yes this is a very good deal for someone wanting to build a stout 109..Billy at K&P knows his stuff when it comes to these engines his machine work is second to none..thanks Bob
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I posted a few things that I need for my car and also open to some LS stuff...thanks Bob
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I posted a few things that I need for my car and also open to some L's stuff...thanks Bob
Oops. .thought this was a private message...oh well you guys get the picture...my # is 706 466 six227 if anyone want to ask any questions...thanks Bob
Bob, Are you on facebook? I'd like to add you to the Turbo Buick Club of Atlanta if you are.