112 mile gn on ebay

It's real...the car is sitting in the showroom of Wright's Buick in Manassas, VA.

I've wondered if the car would still come with a new car warranty since it has never been titled. The sticker on the car has had a dealer markup in the low $40's, but I'm not sure what the exact # was.

I live a few miles from the dealership and have seen the car several times. I'm kinda surprised to see it up for auction....it's been there for ever. I believe it was a late production car so it has all the standard options that were pretty much speced out by the factory at the time. PW, PL, etc.
I heard about this car when I lived in Fredericksburg Va. When I went out to Manassas I always forgot about stopping to look at this time capsel. Now I live in Jacksonville, Fl and missed the chance.
im thinking about trying to go over and take a bunch of pics of it.

too bad they wont put it on a lift and let me see the underside....
i wonder if they've moved it at all or even started it in 18 years???? if not, its not really worth much.......