12" brake uppgrade gta rims rubbing :T

ok i solved my rear rubbing problems and got 2 more frotns so now its 4 fronts on its maiden voyage im driveng and the fronts are rubbing now not much just on a major bump but its still a worry and it eats the tire .. heres the cars specs
1 inch drop w/eibach springs brand new moog shcoks allaround
12 inch brake uppgrade.. i guess thats the part thats pusing them out too much anyone els running these with the 12 inch upggrade having the same problems and solved it or not haveing them and has a idea whats up maby tire size? i think the tire is 245/50 i gata run out to the car whats eveyone els running :T
I put B car 12" spindles on my 84GN and found that the GTA fronts worked fine in rear of car and the GTA rears worked fine in front of car! So, you don't need 4 GTA fronts if you go with B car spindles! Want to sell the 2 (now spare) fronts? Looking for a spare set of fronts for slicks for the track!

Conrad Carter
well i like the 4 fronts the rear in the front looked doofy to me unperportioned i dono even with the 4 fronts im haveing rubbing in the front on dips i cant figure it out =/ i guess its front the lowering spings and brooklyn dips/potholes but i dident think it should be that bad maby my tires size is wrong for the front im rrunning 245/50 16 any ideas?
I had GTA fronts on the front with 245-50-16 and had bad rub when turning or stopping. Put GTA rears on front with same tire and it has NEVER rubbed. BTW, I also have 1" lowering springs front and rear. The "look" has never bothered me and no one has ever noticed!
when i had the rears on the front with the same tire size they still rubbed its not a matter of when turrning its when i hit dips or like bumps that look like little speed bumps the rear on front doesent work for me for some reason. ive tryed for 2 months the side of my tires are shreeded to hell
That is the problem with mass-produced cars. No two are exactly the the same. Also, shock and spring rates come into play as well.

You might want to replace the hex head screws that hold the wheel well trim to the fender with button head screws or you could simply grind down the hex head to round it off. I'm assuming that the bolt heads are what that is cutting your tires.
Later...and good luck.
allright im really stupid for not bringing this into the equation i should know better my car has allways sat a lil lower on the passenger side and since the drop springs you can knowtice it more since the wheel well clearences are smaller. i was hopeing when i did the springs that it would take care of this and now i checked the scrapeing patter and the drivers side has none when the passenger side is whats causing the problem. did i put the springs in wrong maby or somethign els causting the problem maby the springs where wrong in the first place because i put the old ones in the same location meaning the imprint of the old coil i put it back the in the same way. any ideas?
The front springs fit into a pocket in the lower control arm. If you do not get the end of the spring in the pocket, the car will set up maybe a half inch at the most. Check to see if there is a rubber pad on top of both springs. Dealers add or take them out to level up the car. Use one at the most...they are available in Polyurethane. Otherwise, the manufacturing variances in the body, springs, etc can cause an uneven ride height.