13 sec. volvo on the freeway


Former owner
May 22, 2002
was coming back from the turbo buick meet with my buddy. me in the T and him in his turbo volvo station wagon with some mods. he has run 13.8 at 101/102 on azina road racing tires.
i have run 13.1@102 at the track, i supose i was runing slightly rich that day which killed my MPH.

anyways, we are on the freeway doin about 60. im talkin to him on my cellphone and sudently trafic opens up in front of us leaving us room to stretch our legs:D

so i give it a count down over the phone. 3...2.....1..GO

we both nail it and as soon as the boost hits, i pull. id say i was pulling a good 5 mph by him? what i meen by this is if i was passing him at the same rate while he was standing still, i would be going that fast.

i get a few leingths on him, up to about 80 or so and than shut it off.

i was in street tune, 91 octane and 15.5 psi with my 02s in the low low 800s (805/789) and .5 KR (converter locking or the downshift from OD)

he was runing 87 octane, pushing lower boost (i know he is crazy)
in that tune his car will run a low 14 he says.

outcome seems about right wouldnt you say?:cool:
i think its kinda neat to see volvos being sooped up. It fun to swap a stage 2 motor in there, or are they fwd? either way, it be fun to see a stock looking 10 sec volvo.
heh volvo w/ a stage two now that would be cool.

this one was just 5 cyl turbo with FWD. there are some RWD volvos too.
Check out my ride LOL


I am way ahead of you man.. I just started the beast last weeek should be on the road drivable by spring .... stock looking tooo :)

I only race at the track lol

nice. last time i saw pics of your car it had no motor. good to see you got it in :)
hp to $

I was moding my volvo and the hp to money ratio was not getting good. I was not going to spend 2k for cam and head from over seas. It was just not fast enough. The other thing is my brother aready had a 280z with a gn motor. I figured why not.. good sleeper