$159.99 Summer special on the all new Drip-Lips

Seriously considering one. Does the crossover need to be removed to install these ?
I have Stock headers/Crossover.
It should not have to be removed. .
If a stock cover will fit, a Drip-Lip will fit. It's just four screws and no more oil drips and smells.

Mike do you know what size and thread pitch those four bolts are? I haven’t run a cover in years and don’t know where my bolts are but just bought a drip lip [emoji51]

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I'm embarrassed to say, but I don't. It's not like a machine screw. It's a very course thread. Almost like a wood screw.
Struggling to keep up with demand on these stupid things. Crazy, but they do work. Let me know if anyone wants one at RC's event. I'm thinking of shipping a few there. You guys can save on shipping.
Will it fit on a girdled 109?

Yes. Boost Crew did one with great results. You my have to grind the drip fin back a little. It's fiberglass, so it grinds and sands quite easy. Don't grind off any more than you have to.

Mike B.