1984 OEM Vapor Canister..... Made in Canada


OH, OK .......Now I get it
18K miles on it . with solenoid & mounting tabs. Rochester Products part # 17085935. Also, a never used, BN , Standard Products Vapor canister .
Thinking $ 60 + the usual $ 20 Shipping.
Yes Sir. Here ya Go :
1984 231 V6 OEM vapor canister.jpg
1984 231 V6 OEM vapor canister.1.JPG
1984 Standard Vapor Canister.jpg
I want to amend this ad, though. This is ' Made in the USA '...... Not Canada . Rochester Products made all of these..... In my old Hometown . I apologize......I reckon I was Frozen Stiff when I Originally wrote this ad. 🥶
Hey turbo6greg ..... Are you interested or should it go into the dumpster?
The canister number is the same. too, you might just have something there.

It's not hurting anything sitting on the shelf.... ;)


  • 87  vac cannister solenoid pic.jpg
    87 vac cannister solenoid pic.jpg
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Wait, this one doesn't seem to have the slots/clips to slide/lock the solenoid onto it like my '87.

I'm out. sorry, but GLWS!

There are folks out there that will need it.
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Thanks Guy ..... I was just following up with dis guy ? I'll get a better pic up here, after I unwrap it. Anyway, the second pic is the aftermarket Standard Products one , that I'm including. The OEM canister does have the slots/clips to slide/lock the solenoid in. I Won't trash it , though. Your Right , someone will need it. It's on the shelf :cool:. I 'm gonna stick to the posted price , though.