1987 Regal Parts


Aug 29, 2005
Parting 2 '87 Regals:

1st is 1987 Limited Turbo - I am only parting the interior at this time. It is chestnut leather w/manual 45/45 seats, column shift/mini console and CF5 astroroof. Headliner is brand new this past summer. Astroroof works perfectly. Digital dash (w/chip) showing 43xxx miles. Car has ConcertSound II door panels, uppers are faded but no tears, lowers are in good shape. Rear seats are like new. Fronts need to be recovered, but are complete. I have 2 additional gauge surrounds and one extra horn ring & button, though they have the usual cracks. I also have an extra complete CF5 astroroof assembly and mint headliner (grey), another digital dash panel (stock, no chip)

2nd is 1987 Limited - is a 65,000 mile V8 car, w/vinyl top though engine, transmission and driveshaft have been removed an are no longer available. Body is rust free - quarters and all. This car is grey with grey leather 45/45 seats (power driver side), column shift. CSII door panels (upper & lower) are just like Limited Turbo and are in great shape. It has cornering lights in the fenders. I have two grey non-turbo hoods, one grey trunk lid, one radiator support in decent shape, 2 front & 2 rear chrome bumpers, 1 steel front bumper support.

I also have a complete rear clip - completely rust free - from before the b-pillar back. This is a southern piece I picked up earlier this summer from Mike McCoy.

Please email me at iwahmr@yahoo.com with what you want. Cars are in Newtown, CT 06470
Depends on the parts you want... The clip I am asking $500 for which is what I paid for it before flying to NC and driving it back up to CT.
Detailed List w/$$

I've listed most of the stuff I can think of here with prices - I know I am forgetting things. If there is something I don't list here, let me know.

87 Limited Turbo:

Complete tan/chestnut interior, all plastic trim parts (A/B pillars, sail panels, speaker cover, rear shelf, 3rd brake light, etc.) - $175
Tan/saddle rear leather seat (upper and lower – like new condition) $300
Tan/saddle gauge surrounds (2) $25 each
Complete tan/saddle dash board incl. gauge surround, glove box, ashtray, does not include gauges or switches - $200
Tan/saddle storage console (between 45/45 seats) complete, includes all dividers - $75
Tan/saddle L&R lower Concert Sound II door panels, w/speakers - $50 each
L&R upper door panels (grey inserts/coffin handle door pulls) faded, but ok, no tears - $25 each
L&R visors – just recovered this summer, lighted passenger mirror - $80/pair
CF5 astroroof headliner – just recovered this summer - $75
Complete CF5 astroroof assembly – motor runs, but doesn’t move panel - $40
Complete and working CF5 astroroof assembly, including the factory “key” & envelope - $100
Horn ring & button (2) – both were cracked but properly repaired, seam is almost invisible - $30 each
Digital dash panel, has been chipped to eliminate flashing speedo, odo reads 43xxx miles - $60
Manual 45/45 leather seats – complete, need to be recovered - $100/pr
Fuel pump hanger/sender for digital dash – used & rusty but still works, good for spare - $25

87 Regal:
Grey non-turbo hood (2) - $50 each
Grey trunk lid – no rust, clear coat is peeling - $50
Chrome rocker panel trim (L&R) no dings, needs a little polish - $50/pr
Steel front bumper reinforcement - $25
Radiator support - $50
Driver’s side door w/sport mirror and power window/locks (minor rust just beginning in front inside corner), has chrome trim - $75
Factory GM floor mats, (F&R), good shape, not mint/unused, but quite usable for everyday driver - $40/set
Grey CF5 astroroof headiner - $50

There is more, just ask - thanks
As mentioned above, dash w/chip is $60, but there is one person in front of you for that. If it doesn't sell, you are second. I have another that hasn't yet been chipped, I don't remember what the odo reads on that one. I'll sell that one for $60 too. PM or email me if interested so I can keep track of all the requests. Thanks!
Which one? The grey one or the tan one? I have someone in front of you for the grey one.. Let me know.
Does the grey car have the half console like the tan car? If so what is the condition of it and how much?
What condition is the leather in the grey car? If it's not nice what do you want for the power seat assm from the grey car?

The grey car is a leather car (45/45, power driver, pass recline) with the mini console too. Leather in the grey car is in very good shape - driver's seat is very good, passenger has one crack on left side of seat area, rear seats are excellent. Email me at iwahmr@yahoo.com with specifics of what you want - the seats, etc are good enough to go as a package. I can send pics...Thanks
Grey would be my first preference, but if the tan one has a solid/non broken board i would be interested in that as well...

Nathyn - Grey one is in great shape, Richie High PSI from FL asked about it earlier but I've not heard a "yea" or "nay" from him yet. That board is uncracked. Tan one was just recovered this summer and was repaired by upholstery shop in 2 places IIRC...it's in the tan car now I want to give the other guy a chance to complete on the grey one, otherwise you're second for the grey headliner
JStahl - which door panels? The tan ones or the grey ones? PM me or email to the addy in the messsages...

Nathyn - $20 flat for the shipping via DHL Ground. Will let you know once I get status from Richie
Grey headliner is sold, as is the chipped digital dash w/43xxx miles. Tan headliner is still available as is the stock digital dash and other stuff listed. Thanks
grey trunk lid is sold...

Also have pics of most items listed here if interested, will send - thanks!