1987 Regal Parts

Some stuff sold, some more stuff to go

front & rear bumper fillers are sold, door panels (top/bottom & left/right) are sold pending receipt of PayPal.

More stuff I decided I don't need:

Excellent chrome grille ('87) - $100 shipped
Excellent chrome headlight bezels (L&R) - $30 each shipped
Excellent front fenders w/cornering lights in great shape - $100 each plus shipping

Powermaster brake switch - in new box w/cap, but has "teeth" marks on it - doesn't look like it was ever installed. Was part of a box 'o parts I got on ebay as a spare when I wanted powermaster spares for everything. Cheap alternative/spare to a dealer one. $35 shipped

Chrome bumpers (F&R) no rust, $60 each
Aluminum bumper reinforcements (F&R), $75 each

Parts are in CT

PM me or email to iwahmr@yahoo.com Thanks
Powermaster switch is sold.

Also, if I am holding parts for you pending a deposit and/or payment, let's wrap it up folks (you know who you are!) - I need to move this stuff so it'll go to ebay from here...Thanks!
I have pics of most, what are you interested in? PM me with specifics and a good email addy for pics...thanks, Tom
Grey leather seats (F&R), console and steering column are sold.
Second non-chipped dash is sold pending payment.
Chrome bezels are sold pending payment.

Still available are:

L&R fenders in excellent shape, have cornering lights (included) - $45 each
non-turbo hoods - $30 each
grey rear shelf (behind back seat) - $30
grey factory GM floor mats (all 4, usable for everyday car, one small tear at crease in one) - $30
fuel pump hanger/sender for digital dash, works, good as spare - $25

Also, the tan Limited Turbo interior is still available - console, seats, dashpad, speaker cover, etc. I have 2 extra tan gauge surrounds too...

I also have found two lighted Limited dash plaques - one has one mounting stud broken, the other is still in the pad and complete. PM if interested.

Chrome rear bumper

I'd be interested in one of the chrome bumpers, the better of the two. What kind of condition and price with shipping to 49091?
Thanks, Dan
It's yours - you've got the PayPal account - I'll send it out tomorrow or Saturday at the latest....
Driver’s side door w/sport mirror and power window/locks (minor rust just beginning in front inside corner), has chrome trim - $75
still availible? is the rust surface only or has it started to eat through? would you ship to 19707 and 4 how much? thanks
Just wanted to thank

I got my items and am very happy. Packed well and as described. Thanks again.

Door is still here, I don't want to ship is as I have no way to get it onto a pallet. Pickup could be arranged - I am in Newtown, CT 06470.

Dome light lens is your's for $7 shipped, pm to arrange payment - thanks
TexasT said:
I got my items and am very happy. Packed well and as described. Thanks again.


Rich - glad those boxes got there ok - they were a pita to pack - DHL guy freaked when he saw them all as it filled his little van!
57loboy said:
...and one extra horn ring & button,

Hi 57LoBoy: Realize I'm seeing this kinda late, but do you have a gray (to me it's a bluish-gray) horn ring? I need the outside ring that fits around the horn button. Thanks....Ray