2000 GS Question


My wife drives a 2000 GS daily. She has told me that on a few different occassions these three lights come on together for an unspecified period of time: SERVICE VEHICLE SOON, ANTI-LOCK BRAKES & TRAC OFF.

Anybody run into these 3 lights on at once before? I'm going to contact a buddy at the local Buick Dealership and see what he says as well.

Thanks for any information in advance.
You really need to be working on the FM and Volt Booster instead of working on the GS. Especially after the firestorm you created with the volt booster question :D .

I got some 235 BFG's on the way for the T and the new stocker wheels. Put the drivers side vc gasket on last night, the wiring harness location is kind of a pita. Going to Sean's house tomorrow to look over his Buick stuff then to the junkyard near his house to maybe find some good deals.

When's the tranny party? I need to do a fp and hotwire.
I need answers dude!

Anybody got any answers for my question?

Tim, the tranny is out and on the floor. We did it on Sunday. Me and Josh and Pete, with a little bit of help from Ramin. It was kind of a beyotch to get to some of those bolts!

Dude, I got a CAS V4 stock location intercooler, not a FM! And, oh yeah, I learned a lot about volt boosters from that discussion.

In boost we trust.