2013 Norwalk Buick weekend/Cal Hartline dyno tuning!

I hope for great weather for you Brian. But I do know I will miss the buffet dinner Roberta sets up. And bs'ing with all you guy's hope you all have a great time.
Bump for this spectacular gathering in the making. 19 days left? Who is rushing to get their cars done for this?
I'm a YEAR and 19 days away!!! I really really hope they don't pull this April shit again next year. Mid May in 2011, Mid June in 2012, now April...I can't plan my vacation with a 2 month window. If its April next year, it's not going to be as high on my list as the .Com Nats...only because I can't get weekends off that close together. I usually hit 1-2 big events a month thru the summer, but going all the way to N.C will make for 1 less trip. Norwalk may get the ax if its in April again.
ONE spot left for Hartline dyno tuning at Norwalk this coming weeked.. Anyone wanting in PM me asap for the last spot!

If anyone wants on the dyno for numbers and sheets, PM me also to get yourself put in line.