2019 TAI racing @ GS Nats

Not sure what all these slackers are up to, but I'm gunna start some rumors if we don't start getting some action and shit talking soon.

Turbo Lou and I are both sponsors here. We both know people and can get all your drivers licences revoked and maybe even get you fired from your jobs if you don't strictly adhere to Rule #1. HAVE FUN! ;)
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I opened my center console and there was the all the race paper work from last time I was at the track in 2015 GS nats, and there was a SpoolFool pin on fun meter, so my 6 yr old took it to school on her backpack!
Hey everyone!!
Just talked to Julio, an he will be attending.... so if anyone needs anything from him ..let him know NOW!!
Shout out to ANY an ALL that want to come join in with the FUNNEST CLASS at the GS National's!!!
We will have prizes before the racing even starts... we raffle off donated items to anyone that makes a qualifying pass!!
So don't miss out!!
Thanks JD