295 55 15 M/T ET Street Drag Radial Road Test


Tag - WUTSA V8
May 27, 2001
If anyone has followed my traction problems over the past year or so, you will understand how thrilled I am with these new tires.
When boost would come on in 1st, the car would immediately cut loose and swing clockwise toward 2 o'clock. So bad that you had to back out of it. After changing everything suspension wise (can you say lots of $$) I decided to swap the old 275 60 15 Nittos for the new 295 55 15 M/T's. The Nittos had good tread left but were about 8 years old. Obviously got hard and had NO traction. The old SMC alky kit had died so I hadn't had a chance to try the new M/T's except for one quick punch on the way home from the tire store to verify the car hooked and went straight.
I took the car over to Daves last Friday to get the new Alky Control kit installed and some other work done so I did a few test runs on the way.
From a 5 mph roll and punch, the new tires spun over a few times then dead ass hooked and plastered me into the seat. When it hit 2nd, they made a BIG screech but immediately hooked again before I let off. So I am VERY pleased with them and the traction and it went perfectly straight, none of the old sideways fishtailing. Of course the boost was only at about 19 so hopefully it performs about the same with the new alky kit and TT chip and more boost.
No clearance problems but did roll the lip.
So CHICKEN - go get a pair (I mean tires HA)
No notch, no air bags, just rolled lip. 15x10 4.5 BS

Guess I should mention that I have a set of 15 year old Kirban cargo rear springs that maybe give me a little extra height. I also have aluminum rear drums. - sorry, totally forgot about those things but they MIGHT make a difference as to why I have NO problems.
And I run the same tire on 15 x 9 with 4.5 BS. No notch, but I do need a little air in the bags (I have worn-out springs), otherwise a slight trim or roll of the fender lip would be necessary.

I'd love to see Chicken get some. He'd really be busting people's b@lls.
Can both of you guys please post pics of these huge tires on your cars. If they work so well everybody may be upgrading.