36lb injectors/tt chips/powerlogger/gnx fender vents/trans etc....

Feb 16, 2010
all prices are shipped. paypal only except pickup items (cash)

36lb injectors w/ tt chip & tt alky chip/ no idea of mileage on injectors. they were in motor when i bought it. had no issues with em just got a good deal on 009's. 175.00 with both chips
powerlogger / no extra's just main board. came out of a car that wasn't running. i can't test at the moment but i'm sure it's fine. 100.00
GNX vents / has instructions and stencil paper. never installed. 100.00

pick up only.
200r brf trans/ trans still pulled when removed but i believe converter was bad. had been making scratching sound. but its being sold as needing to be rebuilt. 250.00
350 turbo BOP trans/ its 100% stock as far as i know. was in newest '87 limited i bought sitting behind a 350 olds motor. trans shifted fine and had no problems. 125.00
five turbo t wheels/ wheels need a media blast. dirty with brake dust etc and have been sitting on my back porch in weather....and they show weight marks around the edge. 125.00
3.8 NA stock motor/ left over after my swap. its basically complete except for a few small items here and there. mainly bolts and clamps. had crank kit installed around 4,000 miles before being pulled
and had less than 1 year old alt. on it. been sitting behind a friends garage covered with tarp. take it complete with the 200c trans still bolted to it for 300.00

would be willing to trade for
4 GTA center caps
2 16x8 GTA fronts
8.5 ring and pinion (3.73 or 4.10)

i'm located in N. west Tennessee 50 miles south of Paducah, ky and 50 miles north of Jackson, tenn on TN/KY line

bought alot here but havent sold much so if prices seem off shoot me a pm and we can talk...

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