5.3 MAF can I use it?


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Jan 23, 2010
I got a friend that will give me a 5.3 MAF off a 1500, will this work with my translator or only 5.7 MAFS? Is this the same as LS1 MAF? I'm hoping yes to have a spare atleast. Thanks
I think that will probably be what we call a 85mm MAF, got a pic or at least a description?

If it is, then it will work with a wiring adapter

that link expired, but if it looks like this pic, then its an 85mm MAF and it will work fine. You will need an adapter for the MAFt.



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I am positive it works, they are bigger than the LS1 style! I have run one for like 3 years now with my translator and an truck sensor to LS1 car sensor adaptor. Oh and i also integrated the temp sensor in the MAF as my stock one.

Thanks guys, Good to know. All i need is to reset my Translator and get some couplers 3'' - 3.5' or whatever size it is.