82-92 Fbody 3" Downpipe, TTA AlkyControl Kit


Jan 28, 2007
Up for sale/trade is my Custom 3" Downpipe that is made to fit 3.8L Turbo Swapped 82-92 Camaro/Firebirds. This will only fit the Buick Headed 86-87 Turbo engines, not TTA/FWD Heads. It will connect to 86-92 305/350 Catback exhausts with single catalytic converters. It has a HKS Wastegate with a 20psi spring. Also has a 3" Converter that has been straight piped.

Asking $200+shipping obo

Does this down pipe work with the AC box in place for a 3rd Gen?

The downpipe should work. I had read that you needed to modify the HVAC Box for use of the buick GN Heads, but I have a 1LE Heater box and had plenty of clearance for it. It pretty much runs above the framerail on the passenger side.
Winter Bump!!!!!! I still have this stuff. I am also lowering prices on this stuff.

New Prices

Alky Kit- $380 shipped

Downpipe- $400 shipped

Please pm or email me @ bechlerca@hotmail.com if interested.

Thread from the dead bump!!!! Still have this downpipe in my garage and want it gone!!! Make an offer!!!!