A Forum for Suspension upgrades

What do you guys think about a Suspension Forum?

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    Votes: 20 95.2%
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Racer X

Road Racer
May 24, 2001
Would it be possible to have a dedicated Forum for Chassis, Brakes, and Suspension? There seems to be an increase in traffic on this subject and I think it would be a benefit to have such a Forum to make it easier to find these topics.

What does everyone think?
2nd that motion

i see alot of repeat questions about suspention it would be alot easier if it was seperated from the rest.
i need big brakes

im in for it to!
need a quick place to reference suspension parts on what works
This has been around for months buried in the "Site Suggestions" forum. Just wondering how much interest it will have in the lounge?
We are working with Baer Brakes right now

There will soon be a forum containing this. Keep watching.

TB.com admin