Air supply kinks

Ken Cunningham

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I remember reading somewhere that the stock MAF meter is VERY sensitive to the incoming air. So sensitive that the Buick engineers tried, but abandoned, a wing nut to hold the top of the air box down. The wing nut disturbed the air flow too much. Hence the honeycomb screens in the MAF.

Now my problem. I just repositioned my K&N air filter behind the front bumper using the low-buck, hardware store 4" vent tube approach. I tried feeding the tubing from the compartment down, and from the bumper area up. Either way it's a tight fit through the opening near the radiator. The lightweight tubing ended up getting pretty bent up, caved in, etc. It's open enough to flow plenty of air, but the air path is pretty convoluted. Should I be concerned about this?
I would think only if it can collapse when you're sucking 25psi of air thru it
I ran the 3" for a while before I finished my all metal cold air system.

check out my website for pictures.

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HA! Jim Testa you hit the nail on the head. On my first run with my piece of crap homebrew cold air system, I saw my boost drop from 20# to 0 in the middle of 2nd gear. Thought for sure that I had blown off a hose. Popped the hood and found my tubing had perforated, then collapsed under the strain. No air!! Oh, well, better to run out of air than to run out of fuel. Put the K&N directly onto the MAF and proceeded to put down 3 runs of 13.5 @ 106. My best to date.