Announcing the Precision Turbo & Nationals Dyno Challenge!

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May 26, 2001
On Monday March 15th, from 9AM - 7PM, Precision Turbo and will be hosting a Dyno Challenge to showcase our latest CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamic) equipped billet compressor wheel technology turbochargers. Our main goal of this dyno session, is to show the benefits of our latest technology vs older technology turbochargers. In particular we are looking for those who would like to test one of our new CEA Billet turbos against a comparable unit. (Such as a TE-44 vs Billet 5857, PT6152 vs Billet 6265, PT6776 vs Billet 6765, and PT70 GTQ vs Billet 71 HPQ) Precision Turbo will also give the chosen participants the opportunity to purchase their selected turbocharger at a 75% discount off of Regular Retail pricing, as a way of saying thank you to our valued customers. This offer will only be available to the vehicle owner who agrees to the listed guidelines for participation. We currently have 5 spots available for this dyno challenge. Applicants will need to submit their car information to Patrick at Precision Turbo, no later than Friday March 5th to be considered for a dyno spot.

Send inquiries to

The 5 selected candidates will be announced Monday March 8th. These selected 5 participants, as well as vehicle operators, will also need to sign a Disclaimer waiver on Monday March 15th at the time of the dyno challenge.

Guidelines for participation.

Vehicles will need to be tuned and in proper operating condition prior to the dyno challenge. No diagnosis of problems will be performed during the dyno session. Please have all the bugs worked out of your combination before strapping the vehicle onto the dyno. If any problems occur which can not be quickly fixed and or remedied within an allotted time frame, the vehicle owner will be forced to forfeit his spot during the dyno challenge. Catastrophic failure will also eliminate the vehicle from participation during the dyno challenge. Vehicles will need to hvae full data logging and tuning capability, a Wide Band O2 sensor with monitoring capability is a plug. A proper boost controller is also required. A factory ECM equipped with a Turbo Tweak chip, Extender Extreme chip, MAF translator with a Scanmaster and or Power Logger are highly recommended. Big Stuff 3, XFI or FAST systems are also permitted as long as vehicle owner provides their own laptop for tuning purposes. All vehicle owners and operators will be required to sign our Precision Turbo Dyno Participation Liability Disclaimer prior to strapping the vehicle to the dyno. This disclaimer does not lock the participant into purchasing the tested turbo.

Operation and testing procedures for the dyno challenge.

Each vehicle, when called up, will be strapped down and make 3 dyno pulls. Tuning corrections will be allowed between dyno pulls. Proper cool down between pulls will be allowed. Exact cool down times will be determined by the dyno operator. After the 3rd pull, the vehicle will be removed from the dyno and moved to a designated cool down area. This designated cool down area will be determined on the day of the Dyno Challenge. During this cool down period, the vehicle owner will be responsible for removing their turbocharger and re-installing the selected Precision turbocharger. Tools and installation hardware will be provided for this turbo swap. If the vehicle owner wishes, he/she may choose designated mechanics or pit crew to perform the swap. Pit crew and or mechanics names will need to be submitted to Richard and Patrick before the dyno session begins. No other persons will be allowed to help or be allowed into the designated pit area for security reasons, except show personnel or family members of the vehicle owner. After a proper cool down period, the vehicle will be strapped to the dyno and 3 more pulls will be made. Proper cool down time between pulls will be allowed. Exact times will be decided by the dyno operator. Tuning can be performed during these cool down periods. If at any time a problem or catastrophic failure occurs, the vehicle operator will follow the dyno operators instructions immediately and shut down when told to do so. Dyno sheets will be provided for all pulls made to the vehicle owner. This information will be publicly displayed both on the day of the event, as well as posted on Turbo After the dyno session is complete, the vehicle will be moved to a cool down area where at that time, the owner can choose to remove the turbo and re-install their turbo, or choose to purchase the turbo from Precision Turbo at the discounted price. This special discounted price will be valid until the end of the Dyno Challenge day of Monday 15th.
Let me know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you all at the event.

Patrick Rubio

Precision Turbo
Level 2 Territory Sales Rep
Better have a 20 page disclaimer...........:smile: But a great deal...
Big Stuff 3, XFI or FAST systems are also permitted as long as vehicle owner provides their own laptop for tuning purposes.

If needed, I will have my laptop available with all the associated programs. I can also assist with the tuning, if somebody needs a little help.
Thanks PTE!!!

We said this would be different than anything else before!
Thanks PTE!!!

We said this would be different than anything else before!

Dyno challenge in a Buick event? :eek: That my friend is something different. Import enthusiasts have always included dyno challenges in their specific make related events, like Supra & DSM meets. Awesome event you putting up Shane. Congrats!! :cool:
not to take ANYTHING away from Shane, but it's Richard Clark that is SO generous to let everyone in his shop for the first 3 day of tech. sessions.

You took the words right out of my mouth. Richard is a good person and I'm glad he is such a avid Buick fan.:)
Is this a Precision vs Precision only event?
My turbo is a Turbonetics GT-K 850

It's my understanding you can compare any turbo to the equivalent sized billet turbo. I'm not familiar with Turbonetics turbos. How big is that turbo?
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