Anybody know anything about Erson Cams??


Jan 28, 2007
I tore down my engine the other night and found that I have a relatively new camshaft in it. I wasnt planning on replacing it unless it was the stocker. The cam I have in there is an Erson Cam Grind number RV10H, here are the specs:

RPM Range: 1500-4800
Duration @.5: 208/208
Adv. Dur: 280/280
Max Lift: .434/.434
Lobe Sep: 111
Adv: 4 degrees

I plan on keeping the rebuild pretty stock. I am installing the stock rebuilt turbo but have plans to upgrade when I hit the jackpot. Its going to be stock bore, stock pistons, rods, refreshed heads. The only thing I was wondering is if this cam is going to limit me big time in the future? Should this cam work for me until I can afford the roller conversion? Thanks!!
Duttweiller used to install erson cams-the one you have is alittle better than stock.
Thats what I thought. I'll likely keep it since it looks brand new. I'm doing a rebuild on the engine, keeping it mainly stock w/ exception of that cam and ARP bolts. This cam will likely be fine for what I want out of the engine.
it is a .208/.208 with lower lift than the one we sell. It will work fine for you