Anyone have an exploded view of a PTE turbo? (for turbo seal replacement)


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Jan 10, 2007
I am almost certain the turbo seal from my TE-60 leaks as I often get excess exhaust smoke that seems to be oil. (bluish color) I have never replaced a turbo seal before, and I am wanting to attempt this feat unless you can talk me out of it.

I found this write up on turbos:

But it doesn't show any visual aids. Myself I learn better by seeing how it's done as opposed to reading about it.

That said, does anyone have an exploded view of a PTE turbo (or any turbo for that matter) that shows where the turbo seal is, and how it goes in/come out?

Thanks in advance.
Same problem I had with my old TA54. Had ALOT of play up and down which probably took out the bearing and seal. Checked with a few people on whether it was worth it to rebuild and its more cost effective to buy new.

Verify that you have a good CHRA before going thru the hassle. Not 100% on this but believe it should be balanced again once you are done. I pulled mine apart since it was a paperweight and as long as you have a way to hold the wheel/shaft without damaging them, its decently simple to rebuild except for the balancing part. Just put it back together the way it came apart (take pics during disassembly).
It's the same as a t3/t4 Garett. If it has oil leakage past the piston ring it's probably got more than one thing causing it. I'd replace the bearing housing, bearings, update the balance and blueprint the cartridge.
If you're referring to the center shaft, it has no movement. Last I checked I saw no oil on the turbine blades. It doesn't continuously smoke, just a puff here or a puff there. Is CHRA an acronym for "clearance in housing and rotating assembly"?

Or perhaps I'd be better off just replacing the whole thing?
Center Hub Rotating Assembly - Its the part that the oil line goes into and the Compressor and Turbine housings bolt onto.

Do you have a way to stop it from turning while you remove the nut on the compressor? What type of return line do you have?
Stock turbo to block oil drain tube. Could a box end wrench be used on the end of the turbine while the compressor nut is removed?

Also I was wondering if the CHRA is where the turbo seal resides?
Depends... On mine, that nut was filed away for balancing I assume.

If I recall correctly, there is the turbine side seal and a compressor side seal. The compressor side is where the thrust bearing is.
Both sides use piston ring seals which are not positive seals.
So is this something a novice could do himself? Or do I just need to pull the turbo and pay someone else to do it? Or just buy a new turbo?
In my opinion, if its a working turbo, leave it to the pros unless you have the right tools. mine was dead so it was more of a curiosity thing. I have turned a small repair into a full out rebuild or replacement more than once...
Thanks for the youtube clip.It did help clear up some confusion.

Also I wanted to ask if there's a "common" place where the turbo seals are known to leak...i.e. if they're more common to leak from the compressor discharge (into the intercooler) or if they're more common to leak from the turbine into the downpipe...or both.