Anyone know Gerald Okada

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Jan 31, 2011
I see that there are a lot of you here that have been ripped off by him.You are not the only ones.He actually stole a lot of money from his high school class reunion bank account. He has also stolen a lot of money from his own classmates personally. Last anyone heard of him,is that he works somewhere in Kalihi off of Waikamilo. He has hurt a lot of people and he says that it's only money,like it's nothing.He is a man with no class and morals.
You have 1 post, put it in the intro forum, and it's a bitch session about someone we've likely never heard of?????????
Since you find it necessary to locate this guy, call the cops.

Take a hike.
I'd go an post this on "" .. I am sure they will help you out. :cool:
You have 1 post, put it in the intro forum, and it's a bitch session about someone we've likely never heard of?????????
Since you find it necessary to locate this guy, call the cops.

Take a hike.

ran the name on google and found this thread and another ..on this site

gerald hes not a newbie here

or should i say wasnt a newbie ..he hasnt been on here under that name for four years almost to the day

and he has a single trader posting -1 by quiker6 who was a HI res , two months after gerald stopped visting and no link to why he posted the negative

you may have a legitimate gripe with him but near as i can tell he doesnt hang here anymore
You spelt my name wrong, lol. Oh and Thanks for the transbrake :)

As far as Gerald goes, that's a long story in itself.
"Gerold Okada"

This has been passed to me from a friend so I guess this is the time to post this up

"It's been awhile since he messed up, or so we thought. Hes been attending "New Hope" for the last 6-7 or so. He was very close with staff members and was pretty much a full time volunteer. Gerald had access to church gas cards and home depot credit cards and codes for locks. Long story short one of the heads of a certain ministry said to not to give him any gas cards/credit cards or codes for the church anymore. Basically hes not welcomed back there. A lot of questionable charges have been charged towards the gas cards over an extended period of time while the card was in his possession. The church did know of his past yet gave him a chance not expecting history to repeat itself but hes rotten to the core I guess. All locks(many) had their codes changed many locks changed out with new keys all because of his stealing and misconduct. You can share this with other memebers but id rather my name stay out of it. some people just dont change."
This guy just doesn't learn !!!:mad:

Hey Chuck.... EZ bradda, he's from Hawaii, sense the post in the "Hawaii" section.

Thanks for the update Jackson !!! I haven't seen or heard about him in years, and yes, I'm still looking to get my money back.... one of these days.
Rob, not to change subjects, I had a heavily modded 93 GT stanger, which sold in '03 for a '00 SS Camaro 6 speed. I enjoyed the Ferd and I liked SS more. Even though my 87 T is rough, I am much more impressed with this car than any other for its torque. Whooosh :).
To the person who posted this..... and the administrator. I believe this post is violating YOUR code of conduct. Please reread your second paragraph in the Terms of Service and Rules. From what I recall, "TURBOV6" YOU are the administrator and creator of this website. Don't be letting this fly because you could never dip yourself into the 11's. A lot of you could only dream that you could get banned form a track because you were going "TOO FAST".

another one post wonder :rolleyes:
I wonder if Jer O is Gerold Okada? Why else would a one poster pull up this thread up from the dead?:rolleyes:
Who was that masked poster.......? And further more who cares..karma will win out, always does.

If that was you, KARMA will catch up to you. Your lifestyle needs to change and you need to make amends for your actions.

To the rest of my Hawaii Ohana(Family), G.O.s past WILL catch up to him.

I HOPE someone got his IP and we can find him... those he owes money to deserves closure.
(PART 1 of 3)
I registered onto this site for my kids' mom - & specifically to reach you on this forum ABOUT GERALD OKADA. This reply is not just from 1 person (me), it is from a whole ohana who got involved to, in our opinion, intervene/have an intervention AGAINST my kids' mom continuing to date or be in a relationship with GERALD OKADA. My kids' mom had, in our ohana opinion, a terrible MISFORTUNE by dating GERALD OKADA.

So that there is no mistake, GERALD OKADA does NOT go online as GOKADA any more: his new online name is CAPTAINAHI. GERALD OKADA is into toyotas now, he is all over the net in toyota forums, kayak paddling & fishing forums, news forums, online dating websites, even Japanese / Asian & Christian online dating websites (apparently he was even registering himself in NEW online dating accounts WHILE he was still in the relationship with my kids' mom) as CAPTAINAHI and CAPTAINAHI IS GERALD OKADA - you can go online & see for yourself because he posts lots of pictures of himself.

So that you can get the full scope of this (not that you care, but so you can grasp it), I was with my kids' mom for 10 years, we never married, had 3 kids together over 10 years, we remained as friends co-parenting our kids, and in the 4 recent years of our solid co-parenting & friendship (I go to her house several times a week to spend time with my kids), my kids' mom never dated or got into any relationship with anyone - until GERALD OKADA. It was sickening for the ohana to see her finally start dating again only to wind up with that donkey.

My kids' mom is no dummy (she is educated - she is doctor), she is financially secure & stable, she is no dog (anyone would think she is a knock-out), & she is so caring & kind-hearted that she is a God Mother to 23 God Children (because the parents recognize her goodness & choose her to be God Mother to their own babies & kids, at Baptismal, IN CHURCH BEFORE GOD). Naturally, my kids' mom has A LOT of people who value her & care about her. & my kids' mom is the kind of person who is so forgiving, understanding & trusting that the small & big stories of BS, in our opinion, shoveled at her by GERALD OKADA, allowed her to be victimized. Some of you on this forum are upset about how you were victimized -- it just goes to show that you can't protect yourself from a predator seeking to victimize you.

Along the way, everyone warned her about GERALD OKADA- our whole ohana began paying attention when GERALD OKADA would flake out, no-show, go M.I.A. for weekends or weeks at a time, & then we all really began to pay attention when GERALD OKADA left her in the lurch on events, holidays, & even her birthday. Who does that? Have you ever seen a friend suffer that kind of messed-up mistreatment? How would you like to see this GERALD OKADA mess with your sister, cousin, or friend? & what GERALD OKADA did, in our ohana opinion, would look like he screwed her over BIG TIME for ANYONE seeing this bullsh*#t.
PART 2 of 3)
What was alarming for the ohana was when we realized that GERALD OKADA could never say (& never told her until the end) where he lives (he told her that he couldn't have her to his house in Kahala because he said that it was too crowded/ no privacy - that his son, his best friend, & his best friend's mom with Alzheimers all live with him & his 4 dogs), he still never said or could say, not even at the end, the names of the businesses that he always said he owns (1. to clean Starbuck's franchise kitchens & other commercial restaurants / 2. to provide contracted manufacturer-warranty repair services for TheBus bus vehicles), and he also never could or did say where his business warehousing, business offices, etc., were located. Everyone told her that, in our opinion, this guy is SHADY. Also, in our ohana opinion, my kids' mom does not lack good common sense about people - in our opinion she was victimized by GERALD OKADA because she tried to find the good in him, she gave him chances when he screwed up, & she accepted his BS excuses (small stories / big stories) because SHE TRUSTED HIM.

The hallmark of a sociopath is their charm - my kids' mom was taken by GERALD OKADA - how many of you were "charmed" into trusting GERALD OKADA too? GERALD OKADA does NOT have longstanding friendships - he leaves behind him a long trail of burned bridges (male AND female). My kids' mom, on the other hand, has numerous friendships spanning 20 years, and all of you could no doubt count the same for yourselves.

HOW do we know this about GERALD KENICHI KA OKADA / GOKADA / CAPTAINAHI ? Because the ohana got together & we all did our own checking - when we didn't like what we found, we brought in a private investigator: the private investigator pointed us not only to your turbobuick site - also to many others. We also found out that, as is public record, GERALD OKADA was arrested 8 times in 7 years for FRAUD & THEFT - ask any cop, that many arrests in that time period is a red flag for a career criminal UP TO NO GOOD, a CON. His most RECENT arrest was October 2, 2014 - which he of course failed to disclose to my kids' mom while they were in their relationship. The ohana put the breaks on GERALD OKADA when he wanted my kids' mom to HELP HIM BUY A HOUSE - an $800,000+ property "near" his "family home" in Kahaluu & that was AFTER a $10,000 Rolex, cars for car-builds, engines for engine swaps (he even asked me for help, he was looking for a toyota engine to do a swap - I didn't help him, I referred him to eBay), and $ for business & other expenses. In our ohana opinion, this guy is a compulsive liar, a sociopath, a predator.
(PART 3 of 3)
When the ohana presented my kids' mom with all the info gathered about GERALD OKADA, she still gave him the benefit of the doubt & tried to talk to him - she didn't want to accuse him, so instead of asking him specific questions she informed him of the things being said about him on this turbobuick forum site- of course GERALD OKADA lied &/or spun it: GERALD OKADA said that all of you are only jealous, that the turbobuick complaints on the forum against him are all BS, he said that his son even logged-in to try to stand up for him, & he said that none of you would be sh*t-talking if you weren't jealous. He even explained to her that your jealousy was because all of you spent top-dollar on your retail parts but he was able to make his car fast & also perform WITH ONLY 2nd-hand parts and parts he "built" or "rebuilt" himself and engineered because he is an "engineer" - GERALD OKADA was on speaker-phone, he knew there was an ohana get-together that night because he no-showed, but he didn't know some of us were right there coaching the conversation. He sounded to us ridiculous, but for a female who doesn't know cars or car-builds, she could've easily been convinced by all his mumbo-jumbo. I co-owned a couple shops, I used to be a mechanic, I know about machining, & me & others in the ohana (even a couple of the females) have built race cars - this guy in our opinion has a real talent for farting the spin even if he does know his way around an engine. The point is, he didn't deny, feel bad, or say he had any concern that people were "talking sh*t" about him, he only had excuses & spin. You, me & the next guy, if we were in that position, would get to the bottom of it, right? When you're not a sociopath you actually care what other people think about you & you at least try to make it right especially if there's conflict, right? You man-up & say what's up, here's my side, & go from there, right? Incredible.

The ohana had to really work on my kids' mom to get her to see our opinion about GERALD OKADA - the BLESSING and SAVING GRACE for my kids' mom, in the ohana opinion, was getting away from GERALD OKADA sooner rather than later. My kids' mom doesn't need "justice", she knows that God sees EVERYTHING, we are hoping that by reaching you - you might find your own closure on your own victimization AND the next girl/woman who at some point looks up GERALD OKADA will get special notice and warning, from the worldwide web & our contribution here, of what one woman & her ohana suffered because of what we see as predatory victimization. GERALD OKADA used to do hula & Aikido, speaks Japanese, & likes petite (especially Japanese) women - in our opinion, if we were you, we'd warn-off all the women we know (especially ohana that meet the description) about this kind of guy snaking around out there.