Are there any Ebay Alternate type sights

I always felt that GN items should be given first shot for sale on these type of boards,but money talks and ebay is alittle safer for transactions.I have had good dealings with others on this site,yet you have to use your gut feeling sometimes.Do your homework before committing and hope for the best.I would like to see this site not let a (new member today)able to sell high item parts right after joining.Or at least refered by senior member.Thats why I try to leave my personal feedbacks after a sale.It may help another member in question.
As for gn parts yes this location is good & bad.
I once send a member like 8 dollars for a video which he never sent.

There are buyers here who want to buy but never pay.

The only good thing about ebay is that it 98% keeps a buyer to his promise to purchase.

IN general Ebay can sell anything. I just seem to notice Stores seem to load up in certian categories on ebay. Back in the early days ebay was cool the smaller buyer or seller could score good.

Another thing is the crazy shipping prices some people have. and

I dispise the fees that ebay loads up on us. As a seller, I end up paying an average of around 15-20 percent in fees. One or two items and it isn't much - start selling a few thousand dollars and it ads up.

Some people use the crazy shipping prices to circumvent the fees. Others charge a hefty handling fee to cover all their materials. I have seen some even use shipping services like a UPS store to do it - that gets outrageous!

We charge something like 1.15 for a handling fee on most items and up to 2.30 on others. This basically just helps with packing materials that USPS doesn't provide.

I am right in the middle of building my new shop/office where we will be starting an ebay drop off service.

Someday there will be a site that competes with FeeBay... but I haven't found one yet!

If you do, PLEASE let us all know and spread the word. I did just this when I discovered bidville about a year ago. I thought it was the new thing, but it just doesn't get the traffic. I didn't sell a single thing on there.

thats the thing about ebay ...they have the people :rolleyes: and ya do sell ... I am surprised no one has come up with another :confused:
Grumpy said:
thats the thing about ebay ...they have the people :rolleyes: and ya do sell ... I am surprised no one has come up with another :confused:

It is True EBAY has the volume of buyers & also stuff for auction.

But the fees are getting wacked. If Ebay would reward people for feed back points as credit (say 25 cents a posative) to re buy somthing on thier site. That would be great.

I have been using for local stuff I am selling