Art Carr new converters




Is anyone running a new Art Carr converter? I know he had problems there about a year with his converters, but I hear he figured out what was going wrong and fixed the problem. The reason I ask is becuase the tranny shop that is going to rebuild my tranny is using the Art Carr products to rebuild all their transmissions. They have done three trannies so far without problems.

As far as I know, Art has not had any problem with any of his products. Make sure your tranny man is dealing with Art Carr Transmissions in Califonia. (will the real Art Carr please stand up!):D

It's a lockup and is WOT lock-able although I have not tried it.

The converter is very responsive and extremely driveable.

You will not be disappointed

would you recommend it over Precisions or Art C? (i know everybody has a preference so no flame here) Also what turbo are you using?
Great converter

I have a TE44 at the moment, preparing for a TE52 next season.....

This converter is every bit as good as an Original Art Carr
(I had one 10 years ago in a different GN)

Although my data is not yet complete, this converter appears to be
a bit more efficient in top-end coupling than the Vigilante's. With a
higher Stall-Torque Ratio as well.

Light throttle driving is more responsive than stock, Spool is awesome.
(I can't full throttle it due to lack of traction)

The excellent clutch is just icing on the cake!

It is my weapon of choice.

So what does all this mean (re: Yank convertors) ?

Bruce would you recommend them for a TR application and up to what size a turbo and horsepower/torque and ET range would this Turbothruster3000 be good for?
Or go to their website which is a very good one.

The Pro 3600 Extreme would be the one for higher stall speeds and lot's of power.
I use a Yank Torque Thruster 3000 in my LT1 camaro and its amazing off the line! It is very streetable due to its high stall-to-torque ratio which the one they make for turbo buicks is a pretty high one as well which means lots of launching power. But for the price I thought about trying a 9/11 converter. But if I had the money I would definitly get a Yank.
FYI, this has been extended again until wed. the 14th. I just ordered a GN Turbo Thruster 3000 and I believe I was number 11 so they have enough to move forward with the group purchase.

Two days left so place your orders fast.
What is the cost of the GN Turbo Thruster 3000 without the group purchase discount??

Thx, Bob
They did get enough people. I was able to squeek in under the line. I would suggest you start a topic and see if anyone else is interested in one. If there is enough interest one of the vendors could, maybe, start another group purchase. The other option would be to watch LS1.COM since it looks like they did one a couple months ago aswell. I not sure if its a regular item for them but it appears as if it might be.