Battery cut off switch?


The Reaper
Jun 12, 2001
Craig,Lance or anyone who is using the Fast system and can tell us what wire to run back to the master cut off swich that would safely shut down the system when the switch is turned off for the tech guys.. Thanks, Scott Klepinger.

Use the lead that normally attaches directly to the battery. If you aren't using our harness, it's the wire that connects to pin M1 on the ECU connector. In our harness, there is another wire crimped in the ring terminal as well. This is the wire that provides power to the relay for the injectors and the O2 heater. This will make everything die really fast if you disconnect it.
Thank you!

Thank you very much.. We'll hook both the systems up that way!
See you at the next FAST event I think we've got all our bugs worked out! I'm also putting in a 3.8L in my 2700lb S-10 that could be interesting. Thanks again, Scott.