Bottom end work


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Nov 29, 2012
So after finally figuring out what block I actually have and continuing with the disassembly I have found myself wondering what to do with the crank and bearings. My original plans were to just reseal the engine, but as anyone else would probably do I decided to remove a rod cap and look ant the bearing and journal. I do see some slight wear but not grooves or copper showing on bearing faces, also crank journal does look smooth. The oil pan did reveal a small amount of gray material. The oil pickup tube have some debris in it but wasn't plugged, (parts cleaner flowed easy through it). If this was a small block Chevy I wouldn't be concerned, but I've read that our V6's are a lot more critical. I'm thinking I should just bite the bullet and pull the crank to have it checked and polished or cut and just replace the bearings. Any thoughts?
To clear up any question of debris in pickup screen, it wasn't bearing material but more of a carbon type debris. Other than these findings the engine is quite clean inside. Cylinders have NO ridge, cross hatch is visible in the whole cylinder. After realizing the engine was in fact changed for whatever reason I realize that I don't know the true full history or mileage of the engine, however I'm assuming that is relatively low mileage but that can't be verified or change the fact it may need crank and bearing work. I'm just looking for an honest opinion. Please keep in mind this is merely a street car and I'm not planing on frequent track use or looking to spend my life savings building the engine. Thanks for any insight.



Trying to get a pic of the bearing and journal right now
You could have the block hot tanked. Paint it. Have the clearances checked. Have the crank polished, throw in some new bearings, new timing set, ect. Have the cylinders honed. Your already this far why not. Then you are starting out with a fresh short block. It shouldn't break the bank.
I would love to be able to do that but it's really not in the budget right now. I just got done replacing most of the interior, and doing a bunch of maintenance brake and suspension wise. Money is scarce, however pocket lint is quite abundant. Lmao. I may just throw a bag over the block and let it sit for a couple months, maybe the spring will bring a little spare cash to work with, after all the motor hasn't run in twenty years, what's a few more months.
Can't see much in the pics. If it's a stock engine that's never been apart until now and there are no signs of detonation on the bearings leave them alone and run it. Those factory bearings were very good and unavailable these days.
I would recommend replacing the timing gear with a good steel one. The one looks factory and that's asking for issues later.
Thanks for the info bison, I will post better pics tomorrow that show the wear better. Btw everything is stock.
Well I decided that my best bet was to just send the motor out to my machinist and have it checked out instead of being sorry later. Thanks to all who gave their time to help me decide what to do.
The rods likely have a little bit if twist to them. Crank might squeak by with a polish.