Chicagoland Meeting and Pizza Saturday Nov. 13

Hey easy there bud! How many people do you know that keeps their owns cars out side so their buddies can store there cars inside the garage?

Besides my GN stays inside the garage not in the barn.:biggrin:

Hey it might snow a bit anyway on Saturday so................ I will be in something else!!!


Hey BUD!!!!!!:D

I will not be able to attend this meeting, however I will be at the next one. Sorry about that. I will see you guys in Jan.

Busyman :cool:
Had a great time. Sorry for not socializing been sick, But good seeing everybody,

Was planning on coming as the wife was out with the little guy, but figured I should use the opportunity to get some stuff done on the car. Maybe it'll be out in 2015. :mad:
I want to thank Rick Lutz for putting on a great presentation, and doing a lot of q-and-a's - I think the guys really enjoyed it! And to those that missed it - :tongue: lol!

Good company, great pizza (Home run Inn) and a nice warm place for the meeting!

Thanks to all that showed up!
Could'nt make it but I really wanted to see Rick's presentation. I knew he would do a good job. ;)