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An open message to Gerald Okada


We live on an island - how long can you live constantly looking over your shoulder, watching for someone you ripped off? How many lies have you told, and how will you keep track of which lie you told to whom? How many races have you missed because you can't show your face at the track knowing we're there?

Think of the shame you're bringing on yourself - would you want your parents to know that their son is a rip-off artist? Does Jeremy ask you why he no longer sees his "uncles"? Would you be proud to have your son know that you stole from them? I know you're still going to church; you also stood up at Geoff's wedding and gave the Invocation - what would He think?

You may not have stolen anything from me, but you HAVE stolen from my friends; I treat that just as seriously. It's time for you to take responsibility for your actions. You know what you have to do, now step up and DO IT!

I haven't talked to him since I saw him at church and he said he would give me back my money. Ha ha nah I think that I saw him later at Starbucks where he showed me his "sick" eye.
How long is this going to go on!

To begin with I am placing myself in the line of fire and I know that I am taking a risk by responding to this post but I felt like enough is enough. I know what I had lost from Gerald is minor (moneywise) compared to what others have lost but life is too short to go on like this. Just learn from this life experience and move on with your lives. As long as this situation is prolonged you will be a prisoner in your own cell. I've been in a situation like this many years ago and so I am speaking out from my heart and experience. Once I forgave that person in my life it was like a two ton weight was lifted from my shoulders and I had my joy back.

It is a commandment from the Lord to forgive one another as the Lord has forgiven us our trespasses. I would rather please God than man!

Remember this that hurting people hurt other people and you can be assured that Gerald is hurting deep inside too although it may not look like it on the outside.

Just thought I should say something on this since its been going on for too long. If I offended any of you from this post then I am sorry. If it be your wish that I don't post anything like this any more then I won't. Could it be that our relationship to begin with was just an acquaintance and not as a friend? I believe a friend should be honest and would do anything to help another person with whatever he or she is going through in life.

Isn't this is what going fast with class is all about or is it just another cliche?

I won't be hurt if any of you get offended by this post as that will be a natural response to something like this. I guess I can always go back to my roots by being a Chevy man again and sell all of the GNs and get a Chevy II!

Shalom :)
Someone should have taken his car when he was selling it, and split the money amongst those owed. If there was anything left, he would have gotten whatever remained.

Gay, I understand what you are saying, I truly do. But it stillstands to reason that if Mr. O had honest intentions, he would have done what I mentioned above.