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So... the owner let someone take his car to be fixed without knowing where he lives or works?....

THATS trusting.
Hey man, thanks! Yeah, he offered to order parts and help install them for me. I gave him a check and he stopped responding to my phone calls. Luckily I was able to cancel the check. I don't remember the details exactly, because it was quite some time ago, I believe around 2004? I knew that he was good friends with the TB community in Hawaii, so I didn't want to make any mention of it. At that point I pretty much tried to stay clear of everyone on the forums. Which kind of sucked because I was pretty new to the TRs, and there weren't really any mechanics locally that knew how to work on the car either (that I knew of). So I pretty much gave up and sold it.

I'm still living in CA, but when I do move back, I plan on getting another TR, haha.
Sounds familiar... :rolleyes: I wish you had mentioned it to us here when it happened...

We WERE good friends... So I thought.
Cale... most of us bend over backwards to help each other.... most of the time I about GIVE parts away just to help the community suvive.

I'm fortunate to have finally found a GN to my OCD-liking... after many years of searching... everyone here has been there to help...

Really wish we had known you had this problem with Gerald...
What a jerk!

I heard Gerald is hiding out in Colorado!
Anybody know his address here on O'ahu or where he might be stashing any cars that he owns?????

The Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs Business Registration Division website shows that he has a company called "Point of Interest Narration Technology, LLC." with a 429 Waikamilo Rd #10 address.

I checked there, but I can't find what I'm looking for.

Any other recommendations on where to look???