Congrats Richie high psi!


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Aug 13, 2005
Congratulations Richie for taking the win at the GS Nationals. Thanks to Steve Kessler for taking charge and getting sponsorship and great payouts. This was the biggest turn out for TSM since we started racing in the class.
Congratulations to both of you making it to the finals. How fast did you guys go?
Who took out Jason White? Sounds like a great time had by all.
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Great showing by Richie, great turnout for the class.

With my car, Jason's, Walt Judy, Brad Lay in Greg Booth's old car and Jason Cramer, we had 5 cars that ran TSM in 2003
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Jason had a cracked header but still managed to run both classes he went out third round .Richie and John both thanks for a great final and congrats to both of you Safe Travels home.Had great time this year

Ditto on Kesslers hard work thanks again to all the sponsors and lets remember who they are
In cash, gift certificates and parts, Richie gets 1200 bucks for the win.
John takes home 550 for second.
JW and myself scored 200 for making the semis
Bob, Walt, JD and Steven Pitts get 50 for 5th thru 8th.

Congrats to all
Congrats to Ritchie its amazing how fast these cars have become. What a great time of racing and watching. I had a great time also good to meet some new people and do some racing with fellow Buick racers.
Great job Richie 1.19 60 foot WOW just plain WOW buddy. John good to see you again too love that sleeper of yours. Great seeing all of the old TSM crowd, what a great turn out.

I kind of wish I could have added the weight (140 lbs) to play in TSM again but just wasn't in the cards (my rear coils were nearly in coil bind already).

I must admit it was great fun taking on some of those TSO cars with a TSM set up on its first outting and getting to the semi finals.
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John, not to interupt, but how do u spell and pronounce ur last name? Love to watch ur car run! Thanks, Howard Gaston.

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John, not to interupt, but how do u spell and pronounce ur last name? Love to watch ur car run! Thanks, Howard Gaston.

Thank you!

Spelled Plog, pronounced Plogue, put the solid line above the O. The two I's mean I am the 2nd as opposed to a Jr, named after my father.

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I think it was a perfect storm, people had cars ready this year, there was some money available, and some new faces showed up.
I hope that my promoting the class helped with the new faces thing.