Continues to lose mind on problem


Jul 26, 2012
alright guys the following pictures are of the steering column, i followed the guide on how to tighten a sloppy steering colum but when i got to where the 3 screws were suppose to be. they were not there and i ran into an other problem apparently i unhinged the started puller on the left of the wheel the pictures will show what i mean. so where are the screws hidden that tighten the wheel and how do i go about rehinging the starter puller.





THESE are the unhinged starter thinger. sorry i canty think of the name


Take the screw out of the 4 way flasher button and there should be enought slack in the wires to pull the turn signal cam out of the way. Then you will see the bolts that need to be tightened. Then remove the bolt that holds the ing lock cylinder in and remove the lock cyl, and tighten the column bolts . That should line up the rack for the Ing switch and then reinstall the lock cyl.
it's been a long time since i've done them, but i think that bigger torx head right behind the turn signal switch is one of the bolts you need to tighten.

regarding the ignition switch linkage- just get something in there to put it back together. never had one fall apart like that, but it can't be that hard to put back together with a little effort and creativity.

what happened to the end of the steering shaft? looks like someone used a hammer on it..
no, you're not in deep enough yet. the 4 torx bollts only hold the upper column bowl, you need to take those 4 bolts out, slide the housing back & at that point you will need a "tilt pivot pin puller (dark colored pin on each side with a threaded hole in the middle) otherwise if you can't get the pins out if you look inside you can see three of the four bolts that need to be tightened. you can take a 1/4 drive extension & an E7 or E8 inverted torx socket (1/4 socket may work in a pinch) & tighten 3 of the bolts. this may get you by if you not the type that pulls yourself in & out of the car using the steering wheel.
thanks again guys ill try that tommorow. now the tough park is i gotta get the ignotion linkage hooked up before i tightren the screws i gotta figure out how to go about that.