Converter !!!


Uh oh.. Look who got ALKY
Nov 13, 2003
WIth my current set up in sig i was told 3000 stall vigilante is the best converter for me , a lot of ppl have said that, but the price is really high just wanted to make sure that the $968 plus $68 for pump was not outlandish. hope iam not getting bent over :eek:
If you're concerned about price, I noticed that Cotton's Performance has a post on the Advertisers Special section about a torque converter sale. I think he has 9", billet front half, lock up converters for something like $550.

Charles Brooks
Yeah i was looking around and did see some for really cheap but was told that the Vigalante was the best. but is that price i was quoted seem to high? oh dont mean to change subjects but since iam so lost what is the diff between LU and NON LU on the converters, thanks for all the help.