Cotton's 2013 Winter BBQ & Open House setting a date

How does February 9th (saturday) look for everyone?

As usual, all are welcome.. family environment (we will try our best to not repeat last years shop-clearing smoke show). Great food. Good time. Superbowl 2013 Patriots victory party. Suggestions welcome on the event, as well as the date in case i'm missing something important.
I'm in. I'll bring the chili!!
Yeah bri's burnout was def a highlight of the day. LOL. Hope to see u guys up there! Think ill leave my lil devil child home this year! LOL
Here's the tricky part...


Looks like we MAY be getting more than a bit on friday/saturday.. Going to give it a day to decide, but we may have to re-schedule. As for RIGHT NOW = SATURDAY IS STILL ON.
They're talking 2' in my area Friday into Saturday afternoon. That would be a no go for me. :(
I heard somewhere between 2 feet to 4 feet of snow here in CT . Yes feet not inches
40" here in Hamden we got the most allegedly. :rolleyes:

Just what my back needs. :eek::p

Had to pull the top glass out of the storm door so I could move the snow away to open it. o_O

That was a first. :(