CPT Transmission Deep Pan


Nov 17, 2006
want CPT Transmission ( The real Art Carr) deep pan for my 2004R, the real thing ,not the poor fitting knock off pans that are around, can pay pal, money order, whatever. Thanks
The Hughes pan fit great.
You can get them from Nick Micale or Summit.

Do you extend the pickup when using the Hughes pan?

They now supply them with a 700 filter. I just use to o-rings on the filter.
The pedestals work real well out of the box with that filter.

Best of all, these pans fit PERFECT! I would guess Nick had some influence here...
Got some contact info/web site for Nick Micale? I'm looking to get a deep Trans pan as well soon.?
We have these in stock.:smile:

Just one issue we have found, and this may apply to other alum trans pans as well?

The rear-most bolt on the linkage bracket can "weep" ATF through its threads. This bolt actually goes through to the inside of the case.

Simple fix is to use a liquid sealer, as the teflon tape will not work well enough.