CTS and Target A/F vs. CTS on XFI


Apr 16, 2008
I noticed there is both a CTS corr. and a Target A/F vs. CTS. I'm shag it. They are both the same. They use the same formula and end up with the same result for the most part. The only difference is that if you only run in open loop you are forced to use the CTS corr. only.

I'm sure that statement is incorrect.

Can anyone straighten me out?
I also presume the CTS corr is a global change, vs. changing individual areas of the map. Any reason to use one over the other. Any other targets to hit when setting cts other than it stays running until it warms up?
The CTS effects the whole map, open or closed loop. The target a/f vs cts is just a modifer of the target a/f ratio in based on coolant temp. You can target the a/f to about 12.5 ~12.9 cold start, provided you have the car set to go closed loop when cold, and the after start enrichment has decayed out 1st. You may have better results running in open loop until 140F, depends what the engine likes, you will have to experiment.