Deatschwerks pumps now in stock


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May 24, 2001
We just got a bunch of these in yesterday. Nick (AZGN) & I opened up an account with Deatschwerks. Pumps are now on both coasts in stock.
You can read the details here: Online

Richard Clarke was kind enough to do some independent testing for us. Thanks again Rich.
Below are his results.

Mention this post on your on line order in the note section & get free USPS shipping.
If you call in ask for free shipping on the pump from this post & it will be honored as well.


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Looks great!

Thank you GBody and AZGN for introducing our products to the Turbo Buick community!


3 year - no-fault warranty - call me, impressed.....:eek: and reasonably priced as well.....