Direct Scan: Showing AFR of 7.2 at WOT with PE and AE modes showing?


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Hey guys,

Sorry I cannot give more information right now, as I am on my work computer, but I was looking through a log of my car last night (84 w 87 swap) and just checking things out on Direct scan. I only got 1 log in before the trans went on the car, but the log is showing 100% IDC's and a (commanded?) AFR of 7.2. Prior to "AE Mode" showing up, commanded AFR was reading 11.8. Unfortunately I don't know what wideband readings were. I typically see it dip pretty low though.

TPS was at 4.12 or so at about 50-60 mph, O2 readings were 820s.

Car has a razors kit on 100% meth, GEN 2 + ls1 maf, TE60, FT Rev XR2 cam, ported irons ported intake etc., 42.5# (009) injectors, TT Alky chip 5.6 21-23 timing, 21-23# boost.

the car is getting a 400 put in, and I know that I am going to have to tune it (never got the chance before) I'm just curious why these readings are soooo out of whack with a chip set up for the car.

Thanks for any help. I'll try and find a floppy disk tonight so I can save the log and put it here.

Don't pay any attention to the commanded AFR in Directscan. When in boost, it is not related to the real A/F.

On the duty cycle, you will probably see 100% in the higher RPM's with a setup like yours and 42lb injectors.

So, everything looks pretty typical.
Thanks Eric, I saw A/F so low and did a sort of double take. I'll be upgrading injectors shortly. The car is still very rich so I need to start my whole tuning cycle once the car is running again.

I should also pull the pump out as well as the controller for an upgrade since it is an older unit. what all do you need? do I need to cut wires to send you just the controller? (i realize I have to remove it somehow... I haven't been around the car in a while)

As far as putting the 400 in, what is that going to affect on the TT chip? I will only have a single setting for timing now I presume unless there is a way to indicate to the computer that I am in 3rd? I will be retaining the stock column rods and neutral switch etc as well as using the stock shifter.
I'm not involved with the alky kits. You would have to get with Julio (at Alkycontrol) for that.

I see when you ordered the chip, your goal was high 10's, so that's why the chip is fueled up that way. You can use the WOT fuel adjustment to back some fuel out if the car is in more of a mid 11's trim.

For the 400 tranny, if you keep the VSS connected, then the chip will be ok, as it uses MPH to decide what gear it's in for timing control.